I’ve always loved movies, the stories and how they’re told, but I never paid much attention to editing picture before building Zapboombang in 2009. As the studios took form, there was a need for in-house editing. My experience with cutting was blind, that means that although I never edited moving pictures before, I certainly had 15 years of experience as an audio editor. I created imaginary scenes, places and gave all the timing to the radio spot, so I was an editor after all. Lets add the picture to the mix.

I had much fun doing internal videos for the company, until suddenly I was cutting, who knew?

As always I just needed to get acquainted with the tools, so much of my tenure in Zapboombang was a great learning experience in video editing, animation and compositing. The experience left me with vast flight time in Smoke, Nuke, After Effects, Photoshop, FCP, Premiere, Blender, Vue, Davinci Resolve, Speed Grade.

With a full toolbox the must important thing is the story.

This is a fun After Effects with Trapcode’s particular.

More simple After Effects

And edit