Latest Project – Studio Design and Integration

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In 2009 I was contacted by Cathy and Alex López Negrete Lopez Negrete Communications to design and build “Zapboombang“, A state-of-the-art audio and video post-production facility.


Zapboombang A Room

Zapboombang “A” Room

The space

The space

The projected facility was going to be constructed on the 4th floor of the north west corner of the LNC Headquarters building in Houston, TX. This was the top floor so nobody would be walking on our heads. Once decided, the measuring and drawing started.



The place was big, the only thing that we needed to lookout for was the columns, I was going to try to fit as many studios as comfortably possible in this space to support the agency’s workflow, so the more the better. After measuring and walking the space I started drawing. I came up with something similar to the plot below.

PlotThis idea was refined by and architectural firm that made an amazing job in understanding the concept and taking it to the next level.

The construction started…


And the end result is beautiful …

Zapboombang Studio A

Zapboombang Studio “A”


Zapboombang’s Stainway piano.


Zapboombang’s Studio “A” Recording room


Zapboombang’s Studio “B”

Of course all this couldn’t have been done without an amazing team.

• Mark Goulash, Architect
• Gregg Bartley, Contractor
• Jonathan Smith, Head Carpenter
• Steven Klein, Acustician
• Edmundo Gomez, Wiring and Termination
• Erick Mena, Wire and Termination
• Cathy López Negrete, Interior Designer
• Blue Leaf Houston, Furniture
• Kurtis Ewing, Equipment Supplier

For further inquiries about studio design, construction and integration please contact Matias Lanzi.