Sound Design – Recording – Mix

I was born with a great ear, since very early age I heard things nobody else did. No, I didn’t hear dead people but the high pitch sound an incandescent light bulb makes when not at full power. The subtle nuances of people steps made me identify the person down the hall. How about the horrible noise that comes from those electronic bug repellent devices on the lawn?

I could hear the separate instruments in an orchestra, the phase shift of two wrongly connected speakers, the slightly out of tune vocals of an inexperienced singer. And that was when it started, a fascination for sound, I could see with my ears!

I could say sound design came natural to me. I started working doing radio commercials for different studios and different brands. This was like painting with sound to tell a story. Textures, ambiance and hard effects made the entire scene come to life yet without presenting a single visual.

One day I edited some sound effects to some footage somebody gave me and that’s when the connection was made, love at first sight, I wanted to become a sound designer. The world is my source, capturing sounds became my passion, using them to immerse the viewer into another world my joy.

Most of my audio editing I do in ProTools, it is my DAW of preference, but I like to use anything and everything that can get the job done no matter weather it is software or hardware, hi tech or low tech. I really enjoy using Ableton’s Live to process sounds or create new ones.

Synthesizers are the best toys I have and synthesis the coolest game, I love to play with them and build my own electronic circuits. I love the Commodore 64 SID chip so much I build a synth with it at its core.

I had the pleasure to work at SPG Studios in Burbank where mainly I mixed Spanish dubbed versions of HBO series and movies. There I was exposed to a real sound design workflow for series such as Pacific Blue, Bay watch, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and many other series for witch I worked as sound designer and dialog editor.

I had the pleasure to work with Sergio Arau in his movie “A day without a Mexican”. I was sound designer and audio supervisor for the film.

I also had the pleasure to work with Andrew Orci in his project “Circumsized Cinema”. This was a 13 episode comedy series for siTV in Los Angeles. In this series we stripped all audio from old movies, re cut them to a different story and then produce full M&E track for the new dubbed voices. We had a blast doing this.

In the video game arena, I’ve done work for “Bushido Blade”, “Watch Men iOS”, “Squash Walstreet iOS”. I also had the pleasure to produce some tracks for Konami and their “American Idol” series.

Then shifted my attention to commercials, same I’ve been doing ever since 1988.