My fascination with computers and programming started at a very early age. I had my first Commodore 64 when I was eight years old and I’ve been hooked ever since. I started experimenting with BASIC, but I notice that something was missing, the games and programs I used could not be programmed in BASIC for only the program would occupy most of the 64 kilobytes of the machine’s memory, so I quickly  turned to assembly. All doors opened. I used to program little graphic demos in the style of my favorite crackers.

Time passed and technology advanced, I soon got my Mac SE/30, yes the one with the loud hard drive, or is it a cookie munching goblin inside? So naturally in order to program it, I got into Pascal and some assembly, later I turned to C and C++ as my strongest languages only to add Objective C, Java, Javascript, Python, PHP when internet languages came about.

In the 90s, I funded a multimedia company called Bijou Multimedia, we developed ASP intranets and extranets for Iridium, AT&T and Sprint. We created CD ROM training programs for employees making heavy use of Macromedia Director’s Lingo language later to migrate to Flash and Action Script.

I like to consider myself language agmostic, it is important to use the correct language or languages for the project, so I am never afraid to jump onto new languages. I am currently porting some of my games to Unity, very fun.

I have a couple of simple apps in the iOS appstore:

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