I love to work as a producer/engineer making music, it’s been a while since I don’t engage into such activities. Funny enough it is the work that brings me the most smiles and comfort. Whether it is a record a commercial or a film, it never feels like work, just fun. So now that I am free lancing, I decided to include fun and meaningful music work into my schedule. I made myself available to a great initiative called Purple Songs Can Fly, where I work on the tracks for the children to sing on and have the pleasure to meet many like minded music and charity oriented minds. On January 2014 we will be recording the Texas Medial Center Orchestra at the National Center for Human Performance with the help of our friends from Zapboombang Studios.

I also started a project that it has become tradition among a group of friends, the Starcake Album. Starcake is a musical group created some 6 years ago (don’t quote me on that) of witch the members are long time high school and college friends, so we get together every couple of years to produce a record written by the lead vocalist and guitarist Edmund Pantuliano.

This time around I adopted the roll of producer and Edmundo Gomez the roll of engineer, something that makes me really happy for Edmundo is a great engineer and has a passion for making music. The intention this time was to make a cleaner record with a bit more punch than the current inception. So lets see how things come out, we are currently in the process of overdubbing guitars.

So my eyes are open, I hear beautiful music, I want to record it.