Demo reel

One of the hardest things for an editor, sound designer, is to keep your demo reel up to date. As I just reentered the world of freelancing I am in the process of compiling the relevant work. Not an easy task if you know the business. If you want to see more of my work, please go to my YouTube channel.

Music video editorial for Brooklyn Haley

This is a Dr Pepper comercial, in this one I had the pleasure to remix Pitbull’s song and online on smoke.

Here is one of 8 Walmart commercials I edited for Lopez Negrete Communications

This is a cool one, I love SONIC commercials, always in a white limbo. This is a very simple animation I did for Tippit & Moo  when working at Zapboombang. I also sound designed and mixed. This one got a Gold Addy award.

Here is another fun SONIC spot for Tippit & Moo. This commercial got them the SONIC account, I was fortunate enough to be part of it. I did the edit, all visuals and animation, mixed by Edmundo Gomez.

This one is a very cool animation piece, preroll for HULU’s online presence. I animated and sound designed.

Army of shakes! A simple animation created for SONIC, ended up running in GM. Edit, animation and sound by Matias Lanzi for Tippit & Moo.

This is Miller Lite presenting their new can, music composed by Matias Lanzi as well as smoke online.

Maxwell House commercial for Lopez Negrete Communications, music production by Matias Lanzi and Jeeve DuCornet.

Here is the Miller Lite 2013 campaign, this time I had the pleasure of doing visual FX supervision, compositing and smoke online.

In this project I had the pleasure to work with an amazing duo from Spain Las Marti. I remixed the song “Caramelo” for 7Up.