Restaurando sonidos de fabrica Korg Trinity

Después de subir mi video con instrucciones de como cambiarle la bateria al Korg Trinity, varias personas me han preguntado ¿Cómo restaurar los sonidos de fabrica?

Microfreak v2.0 Actualizacion en Español

Hace varios días Arturia lanzó una actualización para el Microfreak. Este es un pequeño video de el proceso de actualización y las nuevas características que esta nueva versión 2.0 nos trae.

Que es el MIDI? – Parte 1 Introducción

Esta es una simple explicación de que es el MIDI y como se usa. La explicación es bastante básica y fácil de comprender. Si quieres algo más avanzado fijate en otros videos acerca de MIDI en esta serie.

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Digitalizando Sonidos Viejos Alesis D4, DM5, Emu Procussion

En este video estare digitalizando algunos módulos que hace tiempo que no uso como el Alesis D4, Alesis DM 5 y el Emu Procussion.

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Reseña General del Arturia Microfreak en Español

Esta es una reseña general del Microfreak de Arturia, en este video vemos una descripción general del Microfreak con todos sus componentes y tipos de síntesis. Sigo preparando videos acerca de cómo modular el Microfreak y uno en especial dedicado únicamente al teclado táctil. Suscribete y dale a la campanita para ser avisado cuando subo mas videos.

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Amazon: Arturia MicroFreak Hybrid Synthesizer

Reemplazo de bateria Korg Trinity en Español

He estado buscando videos de como reemplazar la batería de un Korg Trinity y no encontre nada, asi que decidi hacer uno.

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Las partes se pueden conseguir en:

Ruidos raros 1 – Bossa Feliz

Este es un pequeño guiso del momento, introduciendo el Microfreak a mi sistema. Este está siendo sincronizado y su línea secuenciada en su secuenciador interno. Más por venir conforme me familiarice con el aparatito. Si te gusta este tipo de contenido suscribete a mi canal de Youtube

Unfake it til you make it.

A good colleague, Antonio Suriano, interviewed me for his podcast Unfake it til you make it!

We talked about the entertainment industry and how to survive it, really interesting chat, and the entire series is great. Use the player below or go directly to the website where you can find all the episodes.

Like a song

I see my destiny unfolding, I trust, I live. I feel life flowing through me. Like music. Like playing a song, never able stop and fix a dissonant note once it’s played. I can only play it forward. Such is life, a continuous melody, sometimes fast, some times slow, sometimes high sometimes low, a relentless symphony.

As I listen, I learn to harmonize with its crests and valleys, to do the best I can to embellish its sound by being in perfect tune with the orchestra and follow the conductor all the way to the conclusion of the piece only to start anotherone eager to listen till the end.

The simple things

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.11.02 PMIt is always the simple things, the ones we overlook, we find things in the last place we look, but some times is just Apple madness.

I am writing an application that makes great use of AVFundation in iOS, my application needs to be able to play music in the background. I like to prototype quick and the iterate, so I got the basic skeleton working and a full audio queu class in c I can reuse.

I designed a little player class that extends AVAudioPlayer whitch I know I will have to update to use AVAssest, but I didn’t want to dive into that just yet. I wanted the thing to run and in a matter of hours, it did. I was able to load a bunch of audio files and play them tapping a table view, nothing fancy.

All was great, I refined and refined and I now have a very cool solid prototype I can show, now it was time to make it play in the background, when in lock screen or when some other non audio app is running. I started looking at Apple’s docs, usually the programming guide is a good birds eye view of the library. In AVFundation programmin guide I found that there are many audio technologies to use, the trick is to find out what is what.

After hours of digging I decided that I should use AVAudioPlayer, so I followed these steps.

1) info.plist has the UIBackgorundModes being an array with one item “audio”.

2) Explicitly set the session category to be AVAudioSessionCatergoryPlayback

3) Explicitly set the session mode to be AVAudioSessionModeDefault

After this I implemented “remote control” so you can control the app from the lock screen or command center and provided the necessary “now playing” info.

Awesome, it was time to test!

All was working without a hickup but the only problem was that the audio stopped then the application moved to the background or when locked.


So the search started, checking for object lifetime. Do we have the proper plist entries? What does apple say about it? Is the volume up? was it playing? Ok pull out the debugger, follow the acumulator, is it all there? Stack overflow, what am I missing?, have you tried this? Have you tried that? Yes but no luck. Suddenly I clicked the project icon on Xcode and saw “Capabilities”…

There was a pause, a brief pause, mini and I clicked the tab, scrolled down and:

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.03.38 PMyes, I know.